Retirement is an exciting time to look forward to in a person’s life, especially in this age of increasing health and longer life expectancy. Retired people can normally look forward to many years of healthy activity in which to enjoy travel, new hobbies, time with the family or just appreciating a slower pace of life.

Unfortunately, the State Pension is not enough to live on, so additional retirement provision is necessary for everyone. The availability of pension schemes based on final earnings have also virtually ceased, and the Auto Enrolement workplace pension, whilst better than nothing, is still not enough.

Investment & Planning Tailored To Your Needs

We provide impartial financial planning and investment advice to people at all stages of their life, to help you reach your financial goals and enjoy a full and happy retirement. There are many different ways to accumulate a retirement fund and we are happy to advise on the most appropriate route for you. The important factor is that the right investments and plans are put in place to accumulate a sufficient amount to maintain your needs during retirement.

Consolidating & Reviewing Your Pension Providers

By the time people approach retirement they will usually have had several careers and numerous jobs, and will have a variety of pension plans from different providers.

Our first step is to review these plans, and to investigate ways in which you can improve your pension provision through lower charges or better fund performance – as well as significantly reducing the administrative nightmare of dealing with multiple schemes!

A Range of Retirement Saving Products

People make use of a variety of funds and investments to accumulate retirement savings. We can recommend how to make the best use of your ISA (Individual Savings Account) and pension allowances, particularly if you are a higher rate taxpayer or your employer contributes to a pension for you.

Some investors may wish to use Self Invested Personal Pensions, especially if they have larger sums to invest or want to use specialist investments.

Start Planning For Your Retirement Today

At whichever age you plan to retire, it makes sense to start investing for your retirement as soon as possible, including getting the best returns from your investments, smart savings and setting achievable goals. Our independent financial advisers can help you plan for retirement in the most cost-effective and tax efficient way. To find out more please call us on 01932 867641, or send an email to

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