It is becoming increasingly common for people to live into their late 80s or 90s. With this increase in longevity comes a growing need to plan for later life care, whether in a residential care home or in our own homes.

As we live longer, the cost of this care can be substantial. When the need for care arises, it leads to natural concern as to how long the money will last and the impact care costs will have on your surviving spouse, dependents, and family members.

Personalised Independent Financial Advice

We have the experience and qualifications to advise you on how best to invest your funds so the money lasts as long as possible, providing security in your later years, relieving pressure on your family and often insuring an inheritance for your heirs.

Our tailored investment plans are designed to give you peace of mind and security whatever life may bring, and to protect the position of your spouse should you need care.

Planning for care takes into account your current income, pension, property and investment portfolio; making the most advantage of your financial strengths and setting realistic objectives to overcome or neutralise any financial weaknesses.

  • Part of our advice service is to ensure that you are receiving all of the State benefits to which you are entitled and that you receive your full care entitlement from your Local Authority and NHS.
  • We can help you release capital from your property through trading down, or through Equity Release, in order to supplement your income – taking into account any possible loss of State Benefits.
  • We can help you take steps to protect your assets in the event that your health deteriorates. It is heart-breaking and undignified for family members to have to seek court approval to access your funds to pay for care. This can easily be avoided with the appropriate planning. You can also plan to ensure your wishes over the type of care you get are fully represented, even if a health condition means you are no longer able to make informed decisions.
  • Our advice can help you arrange your finances so as to pass on a good inheritance from your assets to your family and loved ones, while paying a minimum of tax.

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